Lipstick shades for Indian Skin Tones: Top 7 things to know.

Lipstick shades for Indian skin tones.

Applying lip color is one of the basic steps to straight away elevate the look.

The right lipstick shades work with the skin tone and accompany the natural color of our lips.

You get to choose from a wide range of products being sheer, creamy and matte lipsticks.

Try it all out and find which works best for your smile.

The perfect shade discovery

Get on to your shopping with no makeup and find a shade that looks like your lip color but a little deeper.

Awaken the creative side of you and blend colors as the only way to find the one for you is to observe your skin and lip color.

You’ll hit the treasure i.e. the right shade when without makeup your face still brightens with the sway of lipstick.

After hitting the gold, create a shade palette with the perfect shade.


Shades for pale lips:

For pale lips use pastel shades like light beige and pale pink for the subtle and beautiful look.

1. Beige

Like black formals nude to beige color lipstick shades become core essentials.

Many popular brands are into cut-throat competition to get the most affordable title.

Your easy-going diurnal façade.

2. Pale pinks

Not too dark, not too light.

Not too spark, not too bright.

The soft petal pink lipstick is just the way you need it.

3. Light corals

You want to add pop but not with the red.

Coral Peach Lipstick Got You Covered.

The shade looks natural reflection of lips.

4. Sandy pink

The beautiful color shade glides and matches up for all occasions.

Bring up the satiny-smooth finish.

The surprisingly light-weight intense look could be achieved by sandy pink lipstick.

5. Bright red

Bright red lipstick is all set to unleash your confidence.

The bright bold pop to let you rule.

The red-carpet finish at your possession, isn’t that classic?


Shades for medium color lips

Medium color lips are balanced with dark pink inside or one darker and one lighter shade.


1. Rose brown

Rose color lipstick is flattering to wear and also is making a return  in trend.

The shade looks brownish on it’s own but on application scatters back pink by your natural lip color.

Generally, the velvety soft soft texture aces the application process.

2. Berry

The one that tempts everyone.

Berry lipstick adds a sensational shine to your look.

Like that one friend who adds remedy for all, this shade rocks for an array of skin-tones.

3. Mauve

The Universal comeback of mauve lipstick owns everything to become your go-to.

The cool-undertone shade comprises of blueish-purple undertones.

When you need no shimmer but refreshing shine, mauve is the destination to join.

4. Orange

An orange lipstick combined with a red tint will be complimentary with your medium skin tone.

The burnt orange hues are everything you want and more.

Ready to paint your pout orange?

5. Warm red

Radiance with warmth is the favorable warm red lipstick for flashy yet subtle grace.

Sunlit equally with both orange and golden undertone warm red sets it home.

This shade closer to classics, slays down all the dynamics.


Shades for dark lips

Dark lips look best paired with blue-toned and deep saturated lip color.


1. Deep plum

When you say I purple you, we get to know that Deep plum lipstick shades are made just for you.

Turning all the heads at your perfect statement look.

For dry lips, pair it up with gloss to brighten shine.

2. Chocolate

Be it warm, be it cool the chocolate hues are never sugary enough?

To take the spotlight that make the sight right.

 Endorsed by every function and aura.

3. Deep red

The stunning hues that lights up the party.

Like staple diet, deep red lipstick has been in your makeup kit since the beginning.

It’s one-stoke stain finish makes you get it over and over again.


4. Deep berries

Deep shades have burst of pigments with the rich berry shade you will fall for it instantly.

When you don’t  not settle into fine lines, leaving the tint behind.

Hands down for the dark, bold and beautiful look.

5. Brown

Apt for dark-toned lips are the brown lipstick, the pick me before you leave.

Hues for everyone to follow your tunes.

The timeless shade to rock anytime, anywhere.


Lipstick formulations

 There are a lot of options when it comes to your lips.

Starting from a clear gloss or balm moving on to sparkle.

It could be matte for a mature look or mistake-proof sheer pink for younger generations.


1. Matte

Matte lipstick is highly pigmented and dense that makes it long-lasting.

It can be avoided with dry lips Acutely containing moisture they don’t fade easily.

It holds texture for a good duration. The velvety bold look with no outrageous glitters.

2. Lip gloss

This lipstick layering agent can be used on its own to give hydration along with shine. Bonus is coming in variations like sheer or full color, with or without color. It provides pleasant vibe with excellent shimmer.

3. Balm

Aimed at softening and healing dry lips, the balms are mistaken-proof.

It restore chapped lips and come in varied toned and clear versions. It gives makeup a smooth surface to glide over.

Never out of curriculum vital.

4. Tints

Side by side with see-through glosses or balms they protect lips. Moisturizing and giving the sunscreen effect. They give the lips a slight color without popping shimmer. Due to light touch of colors they are also called lip stains. Lip tints are taking over social media handles crashing the ratings.

5. Lip liners

Lip liners are used to define the lips and keep lipstick on longer when used on the entire lip.

They consist of essential oils, waxes and pigments higher than in a lipstick, giving a deeper color.

With the intense pigmentation present is the creamy formulation making it easy to apply and blend.

Standing with cruelty-free products

Paraben-free, as well as vegan-friendly lipstick alternatives, are stacking up aligning according to our needs.

How fantastic it is to find lip-loving ingredients such as Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, and mineral colors in our lipsticks?

Stay tuned to sherrycares to know more.

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