About Me

I’m Sherry.
An analyst and a 20-something girl who loves to write about Skin care and beauty products. ^^

I’m Sherry. An analyst and a 20-something girl from Mumbai, India. I spent my childhood there and have some wonderful memories that I will forever treasure. I’m also a writer and a freelance content writer.

 As a kid, I cared very little about my skin or the food I ate. But growing up, I was bombarded by the extravagant “beauty standards” and, like every other teenage girl, I fell prey to it. 

The innocent angels residing in my heart died the day I welcomed “toxic-products” into my life. They did more damage than good; but the dent it left on my soul by lowering my confidence was unbearable. It was excruciating to see that I’m not the only victim of this subtle mental abuse.

The trends keep changing faster than a speeding ticket. Lip fillers, Lashes extensions, vampire facials, yada yada. I’m not against them; I am against the pressure it inadvertently creates on us women to fit into that box. 

I come from a land that has always highlighted the importance of natural beauty and the effectiveness of green products. Ayurveda: a synergy of inner beauty and health.

I started researching more about skin-care products and it gave me more clarity. I found out that the internet, which is usually a blessing, can be extremely misleading sometimes, and nobody is talking about it strangely.

Well, I had to take one for the team and provide genuine information.

If you have come to my blog and read this far, I promise you that I won’t break your trust. (Like your ex)

 I’ll stay with you, throughout this journey. I’ll encourage, motivate, support you until you get that glow-up! And all I ask is your support, nothing else. Comment below to let me know if you’re in this venture with me.

Are you sick of dull skin too?

I understand how frustrated you are, I really do. I used to face that problem too, and quite a lot. I tried every skin-care product out there in the market. For a college student on a budget, I’m guilty of deceiving my dad by asking for money in the name of college projects and then secretly buying these expensive products instead.

 I tried every brand, did my research, read the reviews, and then patiently waited for mega sales so I could get some discounts. In short, I invested both; my time and money.

Here’s what happened- I FAILED! Big time. 

But I wasn’t ready to give up yet. My skin insecurities got the best of me and soon my desperation turned into an obsession.  I saw a Dermatologist, to get some professional insights and after 2 visits, it got me broke and thus continued my failure streak. Back to square one. 

I knew that something wasn’t right and something had to be changed but I couldn’t point my finger at that “something.”

So I started scrutinizing the top 5 skincare products, analyzed their constituents, studied their motives, and much to my dismay, I understood that they all have the same common generic motive i.e Skin whitening. 

Let’s blame this on our “narrow-minded” beauty standards since time immemorial. 

We are lamenting for problems like blackheads, dark circles, acne scars, wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin, but the “skincare industry” are busy shoving down Skin whitening products down our throats that have bleaching agents that can do more skin damage than good. 

It’s about time we embrace our sparkle and let it shine through our confidence radiantly.

Our skincare Industry should make products that cater to our skin requirements. Instead of focusing on skin-whitening, they should be focused on making our skin healthy. But unfortunately, no one is taking the initiative so I had to take one for the team. 

I founded SHERRYCARES, which focuses on making your skin healthier and deals with the root problems that your skin is begging for help with!

Are you ready to flaunt your healthy, exotic, and radiant Desi skin? 

Then think no more and subscribe to my newsletter, I’ll be waiting for you on the other side of the world. A place that brings you joy, peace, and eternal happiness with utmost pampering. I am waiting for you in the NIRVANA

Easy and hassle free steps

The steps that we share are easy to follow and well researched. We value the trust that our readers put in us and only give the best recommendations. 

Kissing the nature

Sherry Cares believes in loving your skin naturally and hence recommends using cruelty-free, organic and environmental friendly products to get that healthier glow!

Beauty speaks out for you​

Who needs makeup, when you can glow naturally. 

Let your confidence shine through your skin and illuminate your aura. 

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